Dr. Scrammuzza, you’re wanted at the crawfish boil

Dr. Scrammuzza, you’re wanted at the crawfish boil

Crawdaddy No. 1 by Thomas Mann
Crawdaddy No. 1 by Thomas Mann

It’s only fitting that Thomas Mann’s new sculpture, Crawdaddy No. 1., is set on the promenade of St. Charles Hospital. Mann gave me this great photo of Crawdaddy No. 1 at my Octavia Books book signing event. He even bought a copy of Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean. I autographed the book for Thomas with the inscription, “Thomas Mann is Crazy for Crawfish.”

New Orleans seafood maven, Al Scramuzza, aka the “Crawfish Tycoon,” “the Nabob of Crawdad” and the “Gaeckwar of Crawdadia,” often played up the healing properties of the humble crawfish in his television commercials for Seafood City.

A patient, appearing listless on your television screen, would have no response to a prime quality steak. He wouldn’t budge for caviar nor would he bat an eye for coq au vin. Scramuzza, dressed in a doctor’s white smock would enter the scene with a stethoscope around his neck and examine the stricken patient.  The cure was always crawfish from Seafood City. When presented with a platter of boiled crawfish, the patient would rise to his feet and dance about. Now that’s a sure-fire cure!

So when patients show up at St. Charles Hospital, perhaps they’ll be reminded of the benefits of crawfish and Al Scramuzza. Crawfish is good for everything that ails you. It’s got to be. Just ask Dr. Al.

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His Seafood City commercials were unabashedly corny. Watch one -they’re all over YouTube.

Al Scramuzza
New Orelans’ Crawfish Tycoon, Al Scramuzza

I videoed Al in 2013 leading an audience at Jefferson Parish Library in New Orleans in a rendition of the Seafood City jingle and it was a lot of fun watching him an all of his many fans. Watch the video.

Also, Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean is available at the better bait shops, bookstores and online retailers. It’s even available in e-book format, but when you order through www.crawfishLa.com with PayPal, you get some good old fashioned Louisiana lagniappe.