Month: July 2014

Crawfish can become an addiction

Crawfish Junkie is located on the Bastrop Highway north of Monroe

Crawfish Junkie is located on the Bastrop Highway north of Monroe

Crawfish are good in Fort Wayne, but is his name really DuVall?

“I wasn’t looking for a bargain as I made my way down the stone steps into the dark basement that is home to Bourbon Street Hideaway,” wrote Ryan DuVall of the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette. But what he found…

They’ve got ’em in Arkansas

Only days before, the woods around the lake had been inundated with 12 to 18 inches of water. As the White River dropped, however, the water was pulled out, leaving behind wet, muddy, leaf-strewn ground. Even then, with the water…

Illegal crawfish import problems?

July 16, 2014 WASHINGTON, DC – Louisiana shrimp, crawfish and honey producers on Wednesday afternoon (July 16) detailed problems of illegal foreign imports, particularly Chinese companies that at times circumvent U.S. customs laws at a federal hearing in Washington D.C.…

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Capital Vintage Pin

Commemorative pins and pin-swapping are a recently-established tradition in the United States. READ THE STORY


A a commemorative pin from the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival.

Lord help us, Duck Dynasty has discovered crawfish

On A&E’s Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 6, Jase and company “debugged” the family duck blinds, while CEO Willie tried to teach the kids about business. Because it always beats working, Jase took some of the guys from Duck Commander…

Dr. Scrammuzza, you’re wanted at the crawfish boil

It’s only fitting that Thomas Mann’s new sculpture, Crawdaddy No. 1., is set on the promenade of St. Charles Hospital. Mann gave me this great photo of Crawdaddy No. 1 at my Octavia Books book signing event. He even bought…