Crawfish! Swedish Style!


Kräftskiva Crawfish Swedish-style

August is crawfish time in Sweden! There’s a wonderful Nordic tradition, natively known as Kräftskiva, which is the annual eating of the crawfish (crayfish). It often involves drinking a lot of aquavit and/or Schnapps. Sounds a lot like a Louisiana crawfish boil, what, with the consumption of copious amounts of spirits. But the similarity ends there. The Swedes prepare their crawfish with dill and eat them cold. Whether you love crawfish Swedish or Cajun-style, the love of crawfish trumps all.

Here’s a song to sing from Love, American Style! while you’re thinking about next season’s crawfish boil, etouffee or bisque. The Cowsills, a family singing group, sang the theme song. (I mention the group because I’ve had the opportunity to interview several members of the Cowsills and heard Susan Cowsill sing at the Red Dragon Listening Room in Baton Rouge several times). So while you’re reading this story about how to eat crawfish Swedish-style, be humming this song in your head. READ THE STORY