Crawfish King crowned for Big Buddy in Baton Rouge

Leon was THE Eternal King Crawfish

Leon was THE Eternal King Crawfish

Team Next Level won the title of Big Buddy “Crawfish King” this past weekend for their crawfish boiling skill. Congratulations to them!  But the position of king, at least in the mind of Crawfish Report, and the residents of Breaux Bridge, the Crawfish Capital of the World, will forever remain occupied by the memory of one Leon Leo Breaux, the “Eternal King  Crawfish.” How did Leon rise up to the lofty throne of “Eternal King Crawfish” in 1959? He crowned himself….

From Sam Irwin’s Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean:

High school students by nature seek out the outrageous, the extreme, the risky, and in Leon, Jack Dale Delhomme and his teenage crew found someone who seemed to be thumbing a nose at “the clique.”

“We called him King—King Leon Breaux, the crawfish king, and it started catching on with my age group,” Delhomme said. “And every time we’d see him we’d say, ‘Look, it’s the king—the Crawfish King—Whatta you say?”

And why couldn’t Leon Leo Breaux assumed the mantle of crawfish king? He had that one thing—the same thing that makes the crawfish lift up its claws in the face of an onrushing locomotive—courage.

Louisiana is famous for kings. The Napoleon House was built for the Emperor himself to live in. It didn’t happen, so the state did the next best thing—it created Mardi Gras and Rex, the King of Carnival. Louisiana loves kings. Louisiana has the Boudin King, the Boogie Kings, King Creole, the King of Zydeco, the Cast Net King, king cakes and king snakes—and in 1960 Breaux Bridge had its own king, the Eternal King Crawfish, Leon Leo Breaux, appointed by, well, himself, but a king nonetheless.