Month: July 2015

They call it gris-gris

Oregon’s Tualatin Crawfish Festival is occurring this weekend. It is the oldest crawfish festival in the United States. How can that be when everyone knows that Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long in 1959 proclaimed Breaux Bridge to be the Crawfish…

What president would you like to eat boiled crawfish with?

Crawfish Report wants to know: What president would you like to invite to your crawfish boil? I’d invite Jimmy Carter because he was a farmer and he knows exactly how difficult it is to be a crop to the table.…

Crawfish for sale!

Crawfish for sale!

The best place to find crawfish is right here at Crawfish Report.

Lots of folks advertise they have an app to find crawfish. You know what? They don’t work.

You want crawfish? You’ve got to earn crawfish! You’ve got to want crawfish! Here is absolutely the best place to find the markets that sell crawfish. Accept no substitutes. CRAWFISH REPORT’S CRAWFISH LOCATOR

Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation....

Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation….

CRAWFISH REPORT: THE NEWS FROM CRAWFISH NATION … Crawfish Report, spanning the globe to find the Crawfish that do the darndest things!