They’re Baaaaaack! Crawfish make 2015-2016 season debut down the bayou!

They’re Baaaaaack! Crawfish make 2015-2016 season debut down the bayou!

Happy Birthday, Cajun Crustacean! You're 200,000,001 years old!
Happy Birthday, Cajun Crustacean! You’re 200,000,001 years old!Meredith Burns, a writer for the Houma Courier, reports today that the first of the season’s crawfish are starting to appear in seafood shops in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes.

Houma Courier writer Meredith Burns said crawfish has made its first appearance on Louisiana restaurant tables this week in Lafourche and Terrebonne  parishes

County agent Alan Matherne said the season can start around this time of year after farmers have flooded crawfish ponds to catch the older crawfish that come out the earliest.

“They’re the older, mature crawfish that were already in the pond for some time. They’re going to be a good size,” he said.

Meredith reports that Big Al’s Seafood, 1377 W. Tunnel Blvd., Houma, brought in its first six sacks of the season last Friday. The boiled crawfish, which were about medium sized, sold for $6.75 a pound dine-¬in only.

“They didn’t last but about two and half hours,” said restaurant manager Jordan Page.

Other crawfish reports came from Bayou Cane Seafood, 6539 W. Main St., Houma; boiled at $5.99 a pound.

Crawfish House, 6798 W. Park Ave, Houma, sold their first 300 pounds of boiled crawfish for $5.99 a pound Wednesday. They are hoping to start selling live crawfish at $4.99 a pound soon.

Clint Guidry, of Guidry’s Seafood, 13245 W. Main St., Larose, expects to sell his first crawfish of the season on Friday at $4.50¬ to $4.75 a pound for live ones and about $5.50 a pound for boiled ones. (a bargain?!) Because of the mild weather (warmer temperatures) Guidry said catches are up compared to the start of last season thanks to mild weather.

“If we don’t see any really cold weather, which it doesn’t look like we will, it’s going be a really good start to the season,” he said.

Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation....
Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation….

Cold winters slow down production significantly, but unless you’re a swami with a crystal ball, it’s too soon to tell if this will be a good crawfish year or a bad one.

As folks in the agricultural business say, there have only been two good years of crawfish ever: one back in 19blankety-blank and next year.

Crawfish Report is happy that folks like crawfish but we have decided we will wait form the quality of the crawfish goes up and the price goes down before we’ll plunk our hard-earned money down on the barrelhead.