Louisiana Voice is underwater!

Journalist Tom Aswell is the Louisiana Voice.

Journalist Tom Aswell is the Louisiana Voice.

Crawfish Report is sad to report that investigative journalist Tom Aswell, author of the brilliant Louisiana Voice blog, has suffered the loss of his Denham Springs home during the Great Amite River Flood of 2016. Tom was in good company as the entire town of Denham Springs was inundated. Denham Springs High School gymnasium had water to the roof top.

Denham Springs was not the only town hit by flood water. Many sections of Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s state capital was underwater. The towns of Baker, Zachary and Watson took on water as did Acadiana towns like Youngsville, Maurice and Milton. More flooding is expected Monday, August 15 as the Amite River flood crest pushes down through Ascension Parish on its way to Lake Maurepas. It’s a flood disaster only slightly less serious than Hurricane Katrina. A watery pond is a great habitat for crawfish; homo sapiens, not so much.

Tom is the journalist who broke the State Police Pension Scandal in 2014 and one of the few investigative reporter who digs deep into the political scene behind the State Capitol. He reports like Howard Cosell, who famously said, “I’m just telling it like it is.”  On a side note, Crawfish Report is shocked to say we read a social media claim that stated, “Everyone knows the media is not a reliable source.” Friends, the media is the only thing preventing politicians from doing whatever they want with taxpayer money. In other words, if the media was not there watching every move politicians made from the lowest drainage board up to the highest office, the public would never know there were things like (gasp) inefficiency in government, wasteful spending and Medicare fraud. Tom Aswell is a pain in the ass, to politicians, that is.

Louisiana RocksTom’s journalism extends beyond political writing. He is also the author of Louisiana Rocks! The True Genesis of Rock and Roll. Sadly, his epic record collection is now caked with the muddy water of the Amite River. Read his harrowing account of rescue from the flood waters here. And if you wish to donate to Louisiana Voice and keep it running, click here.



Flood video footage from Charles Watson.