Things worth sharing: an idea so compelling it will give you a “frisson!”

I watched the video floating across Facebook of the Angel City Chorale mimicking the sound of rain in their great cover version of Toto’s hit, Africa. Of course it has a clickbait title: “This is so cool it will make you feel goosebumps.” Meh.

The choir was inspired by the work of chorus conductor Eric Whitacre. Whitacre has pioneered the “virtual” chorus. Here is the story behind the virtual chorus of 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 voice choirs from across the world. The idea behind the art is truly the thing that will make you feel a good old-fashioned frisson. Watch Whitacre’s TED Talk. It’s an idea worth sharing on the Internet. Go ahead. Do it. You’ll feel better about the world.