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Bringing traditional jazz to the bayou

The Florida Street Blowhards is a group of Baton Rouge musicians who are exploring that “other” Louisiana music known as traditional jazz. The Blowhards will be performing Saturday, October 29 from 1 to 3 p.m. at NuNu’s in Arnaudville. Bandleader…

Crawfish speed eating

If you’re gonna eat crawfish, you might as well enjoy it and take your time. However, Breaux Bridge State Representative Mike Huval won the celebrity speed crawfish eating contest at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival at the beginning of May.…

How the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival got started

Breaux Bridge native Sam Irwin’s book, Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, tells you everything you need to know about how the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival got started. The Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival takes place May 6-8.…

Fair trade for Louisiana crawfish

Good afternoon, ladies and gents. Venerable Crawfish here. We have always held the notion that crawfish are best consumed fresh. By fresh, we mean a product that has never been frozen. To paraphrase Bubba Blue, if you like to eat…

Elvis loved crawfish

Elvis loved crawfish. In this brief excerpt from Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean by Sam Irwin, Elvis (and rock ‘n roll) helped make the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival a resounding success. Once Carl Simon’s two-year stint…

Got the Mardi Gras blues in Dallas?

Got the Mardi Gras blues in Dallas?Help is on the way. The Rustic, a restaurant in Dallas is serving up Louisiana boiled crawfish all day. If they’re serving boiled crawfish in Dallas that means a good season for Louisiana crawfish…

They call it gris-gris

Oregon’s Tualatin Crawfish Festival is occurring this weekend. It is the oldest crawfish festival in the United States. How can that be when everyone knows that Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long in 1959 proclaimed Breaux Bridge to be the Crawfish…


Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

You put a CRAWFISH on what? Get the Crawfish Report’s “Vetruvian Crawfish” logo on your t-shirt, your coffee cup and your baby!

Ragin’ Cajun Volleyball? Yep, crazy for crawfish

Members of the 2013 Ragin’ Cajun Volleyball squad are cray-cray for crawfish.The Ragin’ Cajuns mascot name of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the coolest nickname in all of college sports.It’s currently #3 on Bleacher Report best names.

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival 2015 – Louisiana Friday Nights!

Javin Gary of Youngsivlle thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Javin Gary of Youngsville thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Five-year-old Javin Gary of Youngsville sent a frisson down the spines of Zydeco music lovers in Breaux Bridge Friday night as he stole the show from Horace Trahan!