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Crawfish in the Capital City? Capital City Crawfish

Have you noticed? We haven’t had any cold wintry weather down in south Louisiana this year and that means the crawfish are moving. That’s right the crawfish are moving right into Farmer Boudreaux’s crawfish traps and Capital City Crawfish is…


Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

You put a CRAWFISH on what? Get the Crawfish Report’s “Vetruvian Crawfish” logo on your t-shirt, your coffee cup and your baby!

TP continues its fascination with crawfish price

The Times-Picayune reported today that average price for a pound of boiled crawfish was $3.98 a pound. The price marked a drop of seven cents per pound from last reporter Todd A. Price continues his brilliant work covering crawfish…

What happens on Captain Kirk’s swamp boat tour? Mais, cher…everything!

Forget about crawfish! Get me a gator! Captain Kirk’s swamp tour delivers the gators…music by OEUVAL!