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Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

You put a CRAWFISH on what? Get the Crawfish Report’s “Vetruvian Crawfish” logo on your t-shirt, your coffee cup and your baby!

Crawfish King crowned for Big Buddy in Baton Rouge

Team Next Level won the title of Big Buddy “Crawfish King” this past weekend for their crawfish boiling skill. Congratulations to them!  But the position of king, at least in the mind of Crawfish Report, and the residents of Breaux…

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival 2015 – Louisiana Friday Nights!

Javin Gary of Youngsivlle thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Javin Gary of Youngsville thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Five-year-old Javin Gary of Youngsville sent a frisson down the spines of Zydeco music lovers in Breaux Bridge Friday night as he stole the show from Horace Trahan!

Crawfish expert status verified by big shot journalist

Reporter Jim Simmon, formerly of the Houston Chronicle and currently serving as the city editor of the prestigious Bryan-College Station Eagle, has confirmed that author Sam Irwin is the “Crawfish Expert.” In a letter dated April 23, 2015. Simmon wrote…

How much crawfish do we eat?

How many pounds of crawfish does it take to get a pound of peeled tail meat? How much crawfish do we Cajuns eat? Here’s the straight dope on those dopey little creatures that make us go crazy for crawfish. From…

Crawfish passport

You won’t need a passport to get into the Breaux Bridge, but this gimmick attracted lots of attention for the Crawfish Festival in the 1960s.

The price of tea in China and the price of labor in the U.S.

Ever wonder why crawfish tail meat is expensive? In a word… labor. Crawfish peeling is not the most desirable job. Sam Irwin, author of Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, explains why the tiny town of Henderson…

Crawfish historian featured at Louisiana Book Festival

Louisiana crawfish historian Sam Irwin will be participating in the “Downstream Toward Home: A Book of Rivers” discussion panel tomorrow at the book festival in the State Capitol’s House Committee Room 3 at 3:15 – 3:45. He’ll be discussing His…

Louisiana Crawfish: The Video! Read It and Eat…

Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean by Sam Irwin

Sam Irwin, author of Louisiana Crawfish, has put down 40,000 words, 100 photos and an amusing array of crawfish anecdotes. Now see the video, The Dawn of Crawfish. Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, is the book that explains it all. Marcelle Bienvenu, the Queen of Cajun Cooking, wrote the forward.

Crawfish Report has especially enjoyed the video and we think you will like it too. Produced and directed by Irwin, the song Crawfish is by Zachary Richard (pronounced ree-shard in south Louisiana).

Who’s on first? The great crawfish service debate rages on…

From kindergarten to SEC football, everyone likes to be first. And a lot of Cajun French folks believe their grandpere or Poppit, their first cousin or their neighbor were the ones who created the crawfish business. Here’s a bit from…