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Crawfish for sale!

Crawfish for sale!

The best place to find crawfish is right here at Crawfish Report.

Lots of folks advertise they have an app to find crawfish. You know what? They don’t work.

You want crawfish? You’ve got to earn crawfish! You’ve got to want crawfish! Here is absolutely the best place to find the markets that sell crawfish. Accept no substitutes. CRAWFISH REPORT’S CRAWFISH LOCATOR


Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

You put a CRAWFISH on what? Get the Crawfish Report’s “Vetruvian Crawfish” logo on your t-shirt, your coffee cup and your baby!

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival 2015 – Louisiana Friday Nights!

Javin Gary of Youngsivlle thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Javin Gary of Youngsville thrills on the frottoir (rubboard)!

Five-year-old Javin Gary of Youngsville sent a frisson down the spines of Zydeco music lovers in Breaux Bridge Friday night as he stole the show from Horace Trahan!

How much crawfish do we eat?

How many pounds of crawfish does it take to get a pound of peeled tail meat? How much crawfish do we Cajuns eat? Here’s the straight dope on those dopey little creatures that make us go crazy for crawfish. From…

Crawfish passport

You won’t need a passport to get into the Breaux Bridge, but this gimmick attracted lots of attention for the Crawfish Festival in the 1960s.