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Crawfish shoe makes debut on the TV Tube

Here’s a peek at the new crawfish skateboard shoe a.k.a. Rukus Board Shop x NikeSB Dunk Low Crawfish. Crawfish Report is going to break out the jams and get a pair! WATCH THE VIDEO            …

Congratulations, Mr. Crawfish! You’re honored with a shoe?

Oh, Happy Day! The Louisiana Crawfish is getting a shoe… a skateboard shoe. Rukus Board Shop at 311 Jefferson St. in Lafayette will host a shoe release party Aug. 16 for the Rukus Board Shop x NikeSB Dunk Low Crawfish.…

Right out of Faulkner…too good not to share with Crawfish Nation

Tonight Show host Johnny Carson got more than he bargained for when he had 89-year-old Lea Johnson of Lea’s Lunchroom in Lecompte on his show in 1989. WATCH THE VIDEO