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Scientists get crawfish drunk? Call PETA

Scientists for years have used animals to better understand whether friendliness, or at least a sociable environment, affects susceptibility to alcohol in humans. Now researchers claim the crawfish’s sociable upbringing do in fact increase sensitivity to alcohol. Amazing! The Economist…

Elvis loved crawfish

Elvis loved crawfish. In this brief excerpt from Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean by Sam Irwin, Elvis (and rock ‘n roll) helped make the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival a resounding success. Once Carl Simon’s two-year stint…

‘Tis the season for CRAWFISH!

Dr. Greg Lutz, a top crawfish researcher for the LSU AgCenter, reports that it’s a bit too early to tell how good the crawfish season will be despite early reports that crawfish were coming out of the ponds and onto…

They’re Baaaaaack! Crawfish make 2015-2016 season debut down the bayou!

Houma Courier writer Meredith Burns said crawfish has made its first appearance on Louisiana restaurant tables this week in Lafourche and Terrebonne  parishes County agent Alan Matherne said the season can start around this time of year after farmers have…

Crawfish for sale!

Crawfish for sale!

The best place to find crawfish is right here at Crawfish Report.

Lots of folks advertise they have an app to find crawfish. You know what? They don’t work.

You want crawfish? You’ve got to earn crawfish! You’ve got to want crawfish! Here is absolutely the best place to find the markets that sell crawfish. Accept no substitutes. CRAWFISH REPORT’S CRAWFISH LOCATOR

Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation....

Crawfish Report, the news for crawfish nation….

CRAWFISH REPORT: THE NEWS FROM CRAWFISH NATION … Crawfish Report, spanning the globe to find the Crawfish that do the darndest things!


Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

Crawfish Report coffee cups make excellent gifts.

You put a CRAWFISH on what? Get the Crawfish Report’s “Vetruvian Crawfish” logo on your t-shirt, your coffee cup and your baby!

Ragin’ Cajun Volleyball? Yep, crazy for crawfish

Members of the 2013 Ragin’ Cajun Volleyball squad are cray-cray for crawfish.The Ragin’ Cajuns mascot name of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the coolest nickname in all of college sports.It’s currently #3 on Bleacher Report best names.

Crawfish boiling contest raises money for “Dreams Come True” charitable foundation

Sam Irwin, author of Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, was one of the crawfish boiling contest judges of the Dreams Come True crawfish boiling contest. “I’m glad the boys from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette…

Crawfish King crowned for Big Buddy in Baton Rouge

Team Next Level won the title of Big Buddy “Crawfish King” this past weekend for their crawfish boiling skill. Congratulations to them!  But the position of king, at least in the mind of Crawfish Report, and the residents of Breaux…